Luxury Without the Carbon Footprint

My products are made with the highest quality natural and cruelty-free ingredients. All packaging is recyclable and/or biodegradable, keeping your footprint low and your skin happy.

Luxury Candles

High quality candles 

Crackling Wood Wicks Create a Relaxing Ambiance

See What People are Saying!

Don't just take my word for it, here are some real reviews from my customers:

  • "My favorite thing about these candles is how they smell. Normally candles at the store have an artificial sort of smell and sometimes even make me nauseous. But these smell like they definitely use high quality stuff, they smell so different from anything else I've tried. And I LOVE the wood wicks, I like to sit in a quiet room and listen to the crackle noise while reading a book. So relaxing!"

  • "Love it!!! Adorable packaging, good sized, and super soft! The moment I opened the envelope it smelled like heaven 😁 5/5 would buy again!!"

  • "I love this product! After reading what was in my dove dry shampoo I couldn’t keep putting it on my head. Seriously, it’s awful. Check your dry shampoo bottles. LOL. This is a wonderful alternative and works way better for me than bottled dry shampoo ever has. I would suggest putting it on the night before to give time to suck in the oils but you’re supposed to do that with normal dry shampoo anyway."

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  • All packaging and vessels are sustainable and recyclable, even my business cards are made with recycled paper

  • Most products are vegan but the ones that are not contain only humanely sourced ingredients, and everything is always cruelty-free

  • All products are handmade and hand-poured by me with love and care, right down to the packaging and labeling

  • Fast shipping with easy tracking is provided for every order